Will you open your heart to a child in need?

Safe Families invites you to join us as we connect children of parents in distress with host families who are committed to sharing the love of Christ by opening their home. By providing this extended family environment to those most vulnerable, you can help keep a child safe and reunite a family in Christ’s name.

Please choose a way to get involved below:

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Open your heart. Open your arms. Open your home.

Open your heart to a family in need. Inviting a child and their parent into your life will forever change both families for the better.

Open your arms to a child in need. Your embrace will help heal a family in crisis, while offering sanctuary to a child in need.

Christ’s door is always open to us. Will you now open yours to a family in need? We invite you to partake in the untold blessings that come with serving a child in need.

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2,000 Churches and 100,000 Volunteers by 2018

“Return the church to the forefront of caring for vulnerable children.”

Safe Families Sunday will help us reach our goal. See our progress!

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1,189 Churches

Keep the movement going. Help us reach our goal.

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22,219 Volunteers

Become a volunteer and help our numbers grow.

Join the Movement

Host Family
If your family feels called to join us, will you consider being a host family? Not only will you help a child in need, but your decision will leave a lasting impact on a family.
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Family Friend
Encourage and strengthen a Host Family by volunteering as a family friend. You will perform small acts of love like babysitting or dropping off diapers and offer additional support.
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Resource Friend
In this role you will support Host Families and Families in Crisis by donating goods or services. These can come from many different areas.
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Family Coach
Play a vital role in the restoration of a family and help parents in crisis get back on their feet.
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