Safe Families Schools

Connecting the heart of our community (schools) with soul of our community (churches) for the good of children and families.

Educators are a primary source for early identification of children/families in crisis. Family crisis and instability greatly effect a child’s ability to learn and grow. The intent of a collaboration between a Safe Families Chapter, SF School and a SF Church is to connect vulnerable families in the school with volunteer/community resources to:

  1. Help stabilize and support the parents to care for their children,
  2. Minimize or eliminate disruptions for the child in school during a family crisis,
  3. Enhance a child’s learning, development and growth at home and school,
  4. Deflect unnecessary removals to foster care and preserve the family.


  • Children in the school will receive the support needed for optimal learning. If a child is in need of respite, this will be provided by someone within the school/network in order to avoid a school disruption. Our hope is that no child in the school will experience child abuse/neglect and will not need placement in foster care.
  • Family social stressors will be reduced and parents’ social isolation will be eliminated enhancing the parents’ capacity to care for their child/children.
  • Parents’ capacities to care for their children will be enhanced
  • Basic supplies (tangible goods) such as clothing, food, household items, bedding, etc. will be provided to reduce stress at home and school.

The partnership between the school, Safe Families, and the SF Churches/faith communities will be built on:

  • Mutually collaborative spirit – working together for the best interests of children and families within the school/district.
  • Designated point of contact for each entity identified for leadership, troubleshooting or relationship management.
  • Annual review of needs and support between designated point of contact.