Safe Families for Children employees fulfill a higher calling, which is embodied in Psalm 82:3 — “Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy.” If you would like to live out this passion for service through your vocation, please review the following job descriptions and consider whether any are a good fit for your experience and gifts. Safe Families is an equal-opportunity employer.

Current Openings:

Chapter Director for Abilene, TX

Position Summary:

We are seeking a dynamic and proven leader with the vision and skill required to establish and grow a Safe Families Chapter in Colorado. This involves the recruitment and development of Safe Family churches/community partners and building a base of volunteers to improve well-being outcomes for children and families. It also involves developing a network of referral sources and oversee the services to families. The appropriate individual will create a dynamic and socially contagious enthusiasm to engage stakeholders, to involve church partners, community organizations, state and local government agencies, medical providers and propel the mission of Safe Families. The role requires a combination of leadership, management, training, and fundraising as duties involve oversight of personnel and systems. Please email your resume and cover letter to

Core Responsibilities:

Leadership & Strategy
1. Serve as part of the larger SFFC leadership team, working collaboratively with other Directors to
implement the mission of SFFC.
2. Responsible for the overall quality of services being rendered in their assigned Chapter and must
know and teach the professional standards of SFFC national.
3. Responsible to spearhead and encourage high levels of motivation amongst the team (staff and
volunteers) with a positive, “can-do” approach.
4. Promote creativity and demonstrate a continuous quality improvement culture to empower
team members to find new solutions to issues.
5. Identify and develop a volunteer Leadership Team whose charge it is to spearhead the SFFC
social movement in their assigned area of the State.

Church Engagement and Base Building
Initially, for new Chapters:
1. Build and engage a growing network of Churches/Faith Communities who will partner with SFFC
and become SFFC Churches (including Ministry Leads and Leadership Teams).
2. Participate in developing, implementing, and facilitating recruitment strategies for SFFC
For established Chapters:
1. Oversee Church engagement through the Church Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator
through teaching, guiding, providing supervision, and offering feedback as needed.
2. Oversee the development, implementation, and facilitation of recruitment strategies for SFFC
3. Providing leadership and support when difficult issues arise with Churches and Volunteers.
4. Maintain relationships and communication with SFFC Church team leaders to assist with
decision making regarding team composition.
5. Demonstrate and encourage a culture in which new volunteers and Church partnerships is
always building and growing.

Financial Management
1. Oversee chapter budget, ensuring resources are used in a responsible manner to achieve goals
of the chapter.
2. Oversee, participate in, and empower team members to develop fundraising activities that
promote SFFC and its growth across the area.
3. Oversee and support development efforts in seeking out grant opportunities, participate in
grant writing and ensuring oversight of grant usage specifications.
4. Spearhead ideas and empower the team to expand foundation and private support.
5. Maintain and cultivate relationships with individual donors.

Service Delivery

1. Demonstrate and promote personal, professional, relational, and community growth for positive
outcomes for the staff, teams, and those being served.
2. Oversee the quality of services, with the staff members to ensure placed children are safe,
families are well-supported and SFFC policies are being implemented.
3. Participate, as a member, in a Circle of Support for at least one family being served.

Volunteer Management
1. Oversee an effective model for recruiting, training, and engaging volunteers.
2. Ensure upkeep of tracking of information regarding volunteers, Churches and families served.
3. Demonstrate and promote a culture where volunteers are highly valued.
4. Oversee and participate in marketing SFFC in assigned area.
5. Facilitate conflict resolution as it arises using a biblical framework.

Stakeholder Management
1. Network in assigned area with local agencies working with children and families to create a
community of support.
2. Participate in providing trainings and informational updates to agencies as needed.

General Duties
1. Facilitate weekly staff and supervision meetings, providing feedback for growth, empowering
staff to own their initiatives/responsibilities, all with a leadership model.
2. Participate in all SFFC functions, including conferences, policy/practice development meetings
and other relevant meetings as invited.
3. Attract and retain high quality staff, following established HR policies.
4. Facilitate performance reviews with staff members, providing solid feedback to encourage areas
of strength and opportunities for growth.
5. Participate in quality assurance/improvement activities as needed/requested.
6. Other duties, as assigned

To apply

Submit your resume and a cover letter, giving consideration to Safe Families’ mission, guiding principles and core values, to the Human Resources Department at