Serving Children at Risk

We help parents in crisis. Whether they are experiencing issues with homelessness, unemployment, domestic violence or other obstacles, we want to help.

Safe Families for Children helps parents in crisis get back on their feet and keep their families intact.

Who to refer?
– A parent (or guardian) whose issues can be resolved in 6 months or less
– A parent who needs to escape domestic violence or complete drug treatment, mental health care, hospitalization, etc.
– Children who do not have severe behavior problems
– Children who may have experienced cases of neglect, risk of harm, no fault dependency, excessive corporal punishment, etc.
– Open cases where more time is needed to assess allegation but the children are better off in a safe place
– When no relatives are available, or when relatives are not the best option

Families Helping Families
When a crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and friends for support. But for some parents, this is not an option. Safe Families seeks to come alongside parents in crisis get on their feet by providing short-term care for their children for as little as a couple of days to several months.

How does Safe Families work?
Safe Families surrounds families in crisis with caring, compassionate community. Our family of volunteers provide a loving, temporary home for children while their parents deal with their crises. We care for their children for as long as they need. We work quickly to connect children with a volunteer family. Often, we’ve been able to find a home the same day we receive a call.

Our goal is to keep kids safe and families intact. Once a parent’s life has stabilized and the home environment is healthy, we work with parents to reunite their family as soon as possible.

A Network of Support
In addition to Host Families, families in need are connected with a Family Coach and Family Friends. A Family Coach comes alongside families in crisis to help them make the necessary changes to bring stability to their family’s life. They can provide guidance in helping someone find work or secure an apartment. Family Friends can provide encouragement and perform small tasks such as babysitting or transportation.

How to explain Safe Families for Children to a parent in crisis.
• Safe Families is NOT a foster care or adoption service.
• Parents maintain full custody of their children and can request their return at any time.
• Parents have regular visits and contact with their children.
• Volunteer families are extensively screened with a background check, home screening, and references.
• Volunteers receive no compensation and serve out of their belief of helping others.
• Children ages 0 – 18 can be hosted, including parenting teens.
• Children can be hosted for as short as a couple of days to several months.
• Every attempt will be made to maintain the child’s daily schedule.
• Safe Families is committed to reuniting parents and children as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Will siblings be kept together?
A: Not always. It depends on the availability of host families and the preference of the parent.

Q: Once placed with a host family, do children ever get moved?
A: Yes, occasionally. If a host family cannot continue to care for a child, another family will be located. Approval from the parent will be sought.

Q: Will school-aged children be able to stay in their current school?
A: We always try to maintain a child’s regular schedule.

Q: Do all host families and parents stay in relationship after return home?
A: Sometimes. It varies from family to family.

Q: Can a parent use Safe Families again?
A: Yes, as many times as needed and depending on the current situation. The parent can call directly.

Refer a Family in Need
If you know of someone who would benefit from Safe Families for Children, we are eager to help. Please fill out the form below or contact your local chapter by searching our Locations.

Download our Parental Consent Form here.