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Safe Families for Children is a family preservation movement motivated by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion to keep children safe and families together. We bring church and community together mobilizing an army of volunteers to advocate for vulnerable children and socially isolated families. Our goal is to grow a national movement of change agents passionate about protecting children and preserving families in communities across the nation and the world.

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What Does It Mean to Live the “Good Life?”

By Natalie Bezek, SFFC Chief Development Officer

I reflected on this question often through my mid-twenties. As a single woman, I watched many friends get married and start families, and I often felt overlooked by God. The “good life” I imagined for myself and expected God to also want for me, was not panning out the way I expected. 

During a season of frustration and wondering why it seemed God was providing for others and not for me, I listened to a sermon that changed the trajectory of my life. My pastor read the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis. By the world’s standards, Joseph’s life did not appear to be good. In fact, he experienced cruelty and unfairness from even his closest family. But the Bible describes Joseph as favored by God. Even as extraordinary betrayal and circumstance marked his days, he was favored by God.

Safe Families For Children serves families who lack social networks and live in isolation without support of family and friends dealing with crises such as homelessness, unemployment, child abuse, domestic violence, medical emergencies and alcohol/drug rehabilitation.

Safe Families for Children helps provide radical hospitality to families in crisis.

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