Request a Host Family

Do You Need a Host Family?

Our network of families volunteer to care for your children for as long as you need. Thousands of parents have entrusted us to help give them the space and time they need to get on their feet—and both parents and children often grow to regard our Host Families as extended family.

To help you, we first need some information about your children to ensure a smooth transition. Help us learn what you need and how we can better serve you. Things like how long you think you want your kids to stay with a Host Family and to give us insights into your family’s daily routine:

  • What do your children like to eat?
  • When do they go to sleep?
  • Do they have any allergies or any other health problems?

The information you provide will help us find the right Host Family for you, and we will arrange for your children to be picked up. A Family Coach will be assigned to help you get on your feet.

What happens next?

  1. Your local Safe Families for Children chapter will receive your completed form and contact you regarding you needs (i.e. length of hosting needed, number of children, etc).
  2. Your local chapter will work to find a suitable family to serve you and your family.
  3. Arrangements will be made to coordinate the pick up/drop off of your children.
  4. Communication between you, the host family and the local Safe Families chapter is ongoing and consistent for the duration of the hosting and beyond.

If you have questions before you request a Host Family, get answers to commonly asked questions or contact your local chapter.

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