“Give attention to the sound of my cry, my King and my God; for to you do I pray.” – Psalm 5:2

Prayer is the fuel for the Safe Families movement! Prayer bends our hearts to God and increases love and compassion for others. Below are important prayer points regarding the Safe Families for Children movement:

1. Pray for the lonely, vulnerable families who face crisis without having a caring, compassionate community. Ask God to surround them with His people and the volunteers of Safe Families in your church.

2. Pray for the many organizations and agencies in your community that help and assist the hurting, the sick, the homeless, the abused and the destitute. Pray that the Lord would send His people to volunteer and work within these organizations. Pray that Safe Families would have a strong relationship with local agencies for our referrals.

3. Pray for the workers and leadership at your state child welfare agencies as they deal with tragic situations every day. Pray that Safe Families would be a great partner and a light of the Gospel to them.

4. Pray for Host Families who open their home and lives to children. Pray that they will minister love well to the children and their families, grow in their faith and have the support they need from their church, family and friend.

5. Pray for Family Friends who support Host Families and who befriend parents in need. Pray that they would be a deep source of encouragement and hope to those who serve and to those who need support.

6. Pray for Family Coaches as they coordinate and oversee hostings. Pray that they would be an effective resource for Host Families and Parents in need.

7. Pray for Ministry Leads and Safe Families churches as they support volunteers in their churches, recruit new volunteers and mobilize people to provide tangible resources.

8. Pray for Safe Families staff as they engage the community, reach out and support churches, care for volunteers and work to expand the movement. Pray that they lead with vision and are able to effectively manage this great work locally.