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Do you feel overwhelmed and struggle to meet the needs of your children? We’re here to help.

When your family is in a crisis, we make our families available. We’re here to make sure you are not alone when you know you can’t do it by yourself. Our volunteer community can help support your family as you reach your goals during a temporary crisis or difficult season.

Safe Families for Children is a network of families who volunteer to care for your children so you can get back on your feet. Our goal is to keep your family together. Once you feel like you and your home environment is stable and healthy we’ll work with you to reunite your family as soon as possible.

As the biological parent (or legal guardian) you maintain full custody of your children. And you are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding their care while they are being hosted. Our aim is to form a partnership between you and the volunteer families and see the Host Family as extended family. We encourage the relationship to continue even after your children return home.

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What happens next?

  1. Your local Safe Families for Children chapter will receive your completed form and contact you regarding you needs (i.e. length of hosting needed, number of children, etc).
  2. Your local chapter will work to find a suitable family to serve you and your family.
  3. Arrangements will be made to coordinate the pick up/drop off of your children.
  4. Communication between you, the host family and the local Safe Families chapter is ongoing and consistent for the duration of the hosting and beyond.

Have more questions? Get answers to questions you may have before contacting us.

Request a Family Friend

Many parents need help and support but don’t need their children to stay with a Host Family. Our Family Coaches and Family Friends can provide you with support and guidance, such as helping you to find work or secure an apartment. Request a Family Friend

Refer a Family in Need

If you know of a child or family who would benefit from the Safe Families for Children program, we are eager to help. Refer a Family in Need