This year, Safe Families Sunday is April 23, 2023, and our theme is Hospitality Heals! We believe biblical hospitality can be a powerful healing experience for both the giver and recipient. By taking the time to really see people and care for them where they are, the church can unleash radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion to families feeling isolated and facing crisis in our community.

The goal for Safe Families Sunday is to bring awareness to child abuse prevention and highlight ways churches can assist in family strengthening efforts. We have provided a Safe Families Sunday Guidebook that will help your church engage the community to help protect children and preserve families. We believe when families are properly supported, children can thrive and communities can be transformed through biblical hospitality!

Check out the 2023 Safe Families Sunday Guidebook!

Pastor Endorsement

“I am a big fan and a participant in Safe Families. We’ve hosted kids in our home and became a Safe Families church at all 10 of our locations. I love the vision of Safe Families of ‘creating a world where children are safe and families transformed through radically compassionate community.”

– Dave Ferguson, pastor of Community Christian Church, Chicago IL and founder of Exponential