It’s All About Relationships!

Lori Key, Chapter Director

Safe Families for Children DFW

In the foster community the system, while well-intentioned, can create a barrier between children, their parents, and the fostering family. They can care for the children but often cannot support the parent, which can disrupt the cherished bond between the parent and child, creating a lasting impact.

At the end of the day, all the children long for is love and connection with their parents. The bond between a parent and child is not easily broken, and we see this in our families. When parents call us, they call us to come alongside them to care for their children. They want a partnership when facing a crisis, not an “intervention.” They long for a relationship that values their dignity as a parent and their worth as an individual. By walking parents facing life stressors, we are simply asking them to come as you are and allow us to carry some of your burdens.

A mom recently shared this with us, and it so expresses the family bond and the strength of relationships.

 “My experience with Safe Families has been phenomenal! From the outside looking in, most people would think Safe Families is just another organization helping families in need. But, Safe Families goes above and beyond that concept. Although the help is greatly appreciated, I mostly value the bonds created, the support, the genuine love and care Safe Families has brought to my family. We go to church together. They are cheerleaders for my children during their extracurricular activities. They even include us in their world by inviting us into their lives and sit at their tables to share a meal with them and their family. I am forever grateful for my circle of support through Safe Families! They are indeed my family sent from Heaven!”

This approach is a preventative and proactive mindset to enable families to get the support and resources needed to stay together and keep their children from entering the foster care system. Our Circle of Support (COS) which includes many people surrounding parents with love, encouragement, strength, and hope! While once dealing with a crisis in isolation, they are now working through issues with a community of caring and compassionate volunteers. The whole family is invited to the table of hospitality, generosity and compassion. A table of reconciliation where families are healed, where they feel safe and protected, and encounter the connection of family! It is the connection of community that is making the the largest impact on families facing unmanageable situations and crisis.

We believe that God is in the business of restoring all things, and all we must do is set the table, make the invitation, and watch Him work.

“God cares for all those who are uncared for. Those who are neglected or abused. God is the father to the fatherless and the protector of widows. He looks out for those in most need.” – Pastor Adriel Sanchez

This is the uniqueness of the Safe Families movement, we are setting the table and making the invitation to walk with families before children would even need foster care. We understand that relationships are at the core of family preservation. By opening our hearts and our homes, we believe that families can stay together and intact.