Believe in People

Believe in People


“What would you do if you had to struggle to put food on the table? How about if you were addicted to drugs and not sure how to break free? What if you were shut out of basically every job you ever applied for? And what if you didn’t know where you would end up every night because you had no place to call home?”
New York Times’ bestselling author, Charles Koch


These hypothetical scenarios are all-too-real for millions of Americans struggling to get on their feet. Yet what can be done about such life-altering issues? In their brand-new book, Believe in People: Bottom-up Solutions for a Top-Down World, authors Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, and Brian Hooks, CEO of Stand Together, share how everyday people and social entrepreneurs can tackle the “really big problems” facing society today.

Starting with their deep belief in people, and incredible hope-filled stories, the authors share lessons from Koch’s life involving “a lot of trial and error, with an emphasis on error” and real-life success tales from the front lines: power-packed stories of people making effective changes happen in their communities and the world.

Tackling massive societal ills like addiction, poverty, food insecurity, inner-city violence, and criminal justice reform, Believe in People brings encouraging insights, strategies, and principles to make a positive change the world.

After a year of disruptions in 2020, Believe in People shares optimism and hope — and even features the role of Safe Families in helping thousands of kids avoid the traditional foster care system. Through volunteer host families who are vetted and trained, coupled with a network of faith communities, Safe Families for Children provides much-needed support for parents facing a crisis. Safe Families gives parents the time they need to get back on their feet while their children are cared for in a safe and loving environment.

The trust built between a family in need and a Host Family plays an integral part in the Safe Families movement to keep children safe and families intact. That’s the heart of creating a safe haven for children and a supportive community for the family in need. After the hosting arrangement ends, the goal is for the two families to remain in contact, further reducing social isolation (and therefore avoiding future crises) and providing ongoing support and stabilization.


Help support Safe Families for Children and get your copy of Believe in People. Visit our website, and for each book that’s purchased, Stand Together will donate $30 to Safe Families for each book sold.