Reaching Further

Since starting in 2003, Safe Families for Children has made it a mission to continue to nurture the movement of radical hospitality by partnering with church communities nationwide. This allows Safe Families the ability to reach further than thought possible, keeping children safe and strengthening the family unit as a whole.

As 2020 rolls to a close, and we transition into the Fall and Winter months, we have seen serious growth in our mission as a whole. With the help of volunteers, donors, and exposure, Safe Families for Children has been able to expand its horizons into Georgia.


Since 2014, Safe Families has been active in Troup County, Georgia. This has allowed them to place more than 100 children into caring homes. Its success has been lauded by state officials.

“We know Safe Families for Children helps keep families intact by supporting those at risk and working to decrease the number of children going into foster care prematurely. This model has shown great success since 2014,” says Joy Burnham, office manager of the Troup County Sheriff’s Department and member of SFFC-West GA Leadership Council. “Georgia needs committed partners like SFFC to actively address reducing the number of children going into foster care and to help struggling families with practical, hands-on support. This is especially evident in the midst of a global health and economic crisis.”

Safe Families for Children in Georgia began caring for vulnerable children in Troup County, growing since 2014 with 102 placements, 32 Host Homes and 88 total volunteers. New chapters in Carroll, Cherokee and Muscogee County are launching this year

“Safe Families for Children has proven to be a much needed and trusted resource in Troup County, Georgia,” says the Reverend Aaron McCollough, Associational Missionary, Troup Baptist Association and member of SFFC-West GA Leadership Council. “Under the capable leadership of coordinator, Candi Gibson, Safe Families has safely cared for children and strengthened families in our community. I have served on the local Leadership Council from its inception in 2014. As I watched this program grow, I observed how the program not only supports families in crisis, but it also has become a tremendous resource to our churches and community service agencies. I’m excited to see Safe Families for Children expand throughout Georgia.”

With the opportunity to expand further throughout Georgia, Safe Families continues its mission to help the vulnerable families and children.

Further the mission

The vulnerable need generosity, love, and support. The heart of Safe Families for Children is to support these parents in crisis, getting them back on their feet again. We are forever grateful for the parents that volunteer their own home to those children in crisis, and building community with those vulnerability.

We need you now more than ever, as we continue to aid these families in crisis during these times. We want to encourage you to join us in supporting and celebrating those parents in your community this Sunday, in ways that you are able–whether by time or donation.

Every single gift to Safe Families is matched with up to $1000 through our partnership with Stand Together. With every donation, you allow us to make a greater impact for God’s Kingdom, helping those vulnerable families, and displaying the love of Christ to them.

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