New life, New Opportunity

The dictionary definition for the term “crisis”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life.” Almost everyone experiences a crisis at least once in their life. Especially when entering new stages, one can be overwhelmed and feel as though they are drowning or unprepared.

Parenthood is easily the most difficult challenging job, even when supported by family and friends. There are parents experiencing this shift into parenthood, completely unsupported and confused. This is where they shift into crisis and require help. However, it is how one chooses to act in a crisis that makes all the difference.


At Howard County General Hospital located in Colombia, Maryland, there was a family that reached its crisis point. These parents entered into parenthood, delivering a baby boy. However, due to complications, the newborn was placed into the care of the NICU. Safe Families took action and surrounded this family in their crisis.

These parents in crisis lacked family and friends to help them prepare for the child to come home. This is where Safe Families provided that support and hospitality. Taking the newborn and placing it into a host family allowed these parents to prepare properly for the reunion of their family. They were able to prepare the baby’s room and gather supplies with the help of others.

Currently, the baby boy is staying with the Host Family who is attending to his needs, and he will gradually transition back into the care of his biological parents once they are ready. Even after the hosting has ended, the volunteer network will continue to offer support to the family (meals, respite care/babysitting, etc.).

It is important to surround those in crisis, allowing them to move through the crisis and reunite back together. By surrounding these new parents in crisis, they were able to recover and come out the other end better.

Get Involved

The vulnerable are in need of generosity, love, and support. The heart of Safe Families for Children is to support these parents in crisis, getting them back on their feet again. We are forever grateful for the parents that volunteer their own home to those children in crisis and building community with those who are vulnerable.

We need you now more than ever, as we continue to aid these families in crisis during these times. We want to encourage you to join us in supporting and celebrating those parents in your community this Sunday, in ways that you are able–whether by time or donation.

Every single gift to Safe Families is matched with up to $1000 through our partnership with Stand Together. With every donation, you allow us to make a greater impact for God’s Kingdom, helping those vulnerable families, and displaying the love of Christ to them.

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