Laboring Together

Labor Day serves to remind us how important our work is towards the betterment of the economy and society around us.  For many, it is a day to relax and to celebrate those who have made our country prosperous and and strong.

Safe Families for Children also wants to recognize labor for those who we serve and serve us:

To the families in crisis who allow us to provide a circle of support to them and their children so they can labor in ways towards a better tomorrow;

To the hosts, volunteers, and churches who labor to find ways to ensure children in their care are cared for and loved until they are united with their families;

And finally, to our staff and chapters around the country and the world who labor to build our presence, influence and awareness in their local communities;

Being a part of the Safe Families for Children mission is a labor of love that is pursued every day and in every way.

We wish you a great Labor Day weekend and hope you understand how much the labor of providing radical hospitality to families in crisis is so appreciated.

Roles who play a role

If you are just learning about us, you can join the cause at Safe Families in many ways, whether it be through donation or through volunteering.

Picking a way to get involved is one of the harder things to do. However, we want to remind you that you have more time than you believe that you do. With four ways to volunteer, each makes a lasting impact on the families in your community that are in crisis.

Now more than ever, there are families in crisis that need community, and we have the opportunity to surround them with the love of Christ. By volunteering with Safe Families, you can display the radical hospitality to the vulnerable and hurting and keep one more family together.

We are better together, when all parts are working and moving together, many great things can be accomplished. We celebrate the effort and work that everyone does as a community, and are so thankful for all our donors and volunteers.