Every day is a day to celebrate mothers

A quick google search for May holidays, and one finds that May is filled with celebrations. Whether it’s of Star Wars (May 4th), a Mexican victory over the French empire (May 5th), Pizza Party appreciation (May 15th), or honoring our beloved, fallen brave soldiers (May 25th).

It’s only human to celebrate the things which we love, appreciate, and that hold significant value in our lives. This Sunday, May 10th, is another day of celebration worthy of all three reasons—Mother’s Day. Here at Safe Families for Children, we celebrate every mother every day, especially this Sunday.

Being a mother is no easy task—it is full-time, year-round, no “vacation days”, job. However, it is one of the most important jobs. As most understand and witness, motherhood is filled with ups and downs—stability and struggle.

One can see clearly that it is difficult, especially those times where ends don’t meet, and things are breaking at the seams.

Showing appreciation and love for a vulnerable mother this Sunday can be more than just gifts, cards, and flowers—it can be service and time. This Mother’s Day, Safe Families for Children invites you to give your time and service to a vulnerable mother.

Motivating Mothers

In support of vulnerable mothers, our Cleveland chapter had taken initiative to create a community of support–Mama’s Motivation Mondays.

For the month of April, every Monday in a virtual format, they would join together to focus on strengthening their families. It has allowed our Cleveland chapter to virtually support the community of mothers, as well as caregivers as a whole, and encourage them through difficult times. This weekly meeting created a culture of mutual encouragement between moms, encouraging all moms to find their voice and share their strengths.

Give back

This is one of many ways we support vulnerable mothers, and there are many more. The role of a mother plays a significant part in the stability of a family. For each vulnerable mother out there, Sunday is a day to give them a little extra love—show them that you see their hard work, and you value it.

By volunteering at your local Safe Families chapter, you show your love and appreciation for not only mothers who are struggling, but their families as well. Without our volunteers, Safe Families would be unable to encourage, love, and help the vulnerable within our community each day.

So, as you celebrate Mother’s Day, remember the mothers in your community who you can love and serve this Sunday, and every day. We hope you chose to shower them with the love and appreciation they deserve.