Celebrating Parents Day

Summer is filled with celebrations—we celebrate mothers, fathers, and freedom in the span of 3 months. However, many forget towards the end of summer, that there is a day that celebrates both mothers and fathers together and the role that they play in their children’s life. This Sunday is not just the last Sunday in July—it is an opportunity to celebrate parenthood: Parent Day.

Being a parent is arguably one of the most important jobs in the world, and it is one that deserves all the praise and celebration one could give. Parents teach, guide, nurture, provide, protect and prepare their children for life ahead of them. With such a huge task, and life hitting them at every direction, parents often times run on empty, landing them in crisis.

At Safe Families for Children, we want to remind you that this Sunday is an opportunity for all to surround, celebrate, and show the radical love of Christ to those struggling parents in their community.

Parents of all walks

So much of our audience here at Safe Families are parents from all walks. There are those who are struggling in crisis, looking for a solution that can relieve even the slightest pressure. Then, there are those that volunteer surrounding those parents in crisis, building community and showing the radical hospitality of Christ.

We celebrate and love both, dearly. We encourage you to get involved to celebrate those parents in crisis, giving their all. Now more than ever, in these times of uncertainty, the need for volunteers is abundant. We remind that the best way to celebrate parenthood, is to serve another parent in crisis, in any way you can.

Get Involved

Now more than ever, the vulnerable are in need of generosity, love, and support. As the pandemic results in isolation, and many becoming unemployed, the number of at-risk families grows daily. The heart of Safe Families for Children is to support these parents in crisis, getting them back on their feet again. We are forever grateful for the parents that volunteer their own home to those children in crisis, and building community with those vulnerability.

We need you now more than ever, as we continue to aid these families in crisis during these times. We want to encourage you to join us in supporting and celebrating those parents in your community this Sunday, in ways that you are able–whether by time or donation.

Every single gift to Safe Families is matched with up to $1000 through our partnership with Stand Together. With every donation, you allow us to make a greater impact for God’s Kingdom, helping those vulnerable families, and displaying the love of Christ to them.

To learn more about who we are and how to get involved visit: https://safe-families.org