Celebrating Freedom this Fourth

The Fourth of July seems to be looking a little different this year. As the world recovers from COVID-19 and resumes its typical routines, things have been altered to help keep those at risk safe. Celebrating the fourth this year looks much different with social distancing and masks, but the principle behind it still stands. We celebrate freedom, and the country that allows us to stay free.

Here at Safe Families for Children, we celebrate this freedom by continuing to find new and improved ways to best serve those in our community each day. Especially during the recovery period of this pandemic. It is difficult for those in crisis in normalcy, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic.

Safe Families for Children has a network of families who volunteer to care of the children of the families in crisis for as long as needed. The goal still remains to keep families intact. The aim is to form a partnership between the family in crisis and the volunteer families, so one can see the Host Family as extended family. We encourage relationships between the host families and the family in crisis, so they have the ability to continue to rely on them when needed.

This season

During the pandemic, and walking this recovery period, we have seen such radical hospitality and love towards those families who are in crisis. Families have surrounded the sick with the care they need to continue through this season of uncertainty.

Those volunteers have surrounded the sick and the hurting this season, taking in those children exposed to COVID, and hosting them for the length of time needed for the ill parent to recover. We celebrate that freedom that allows us to continue to aid those in need during these times, while continuing to keep everyone safe.

We continue to encourage you to use your freedom to surround those in your community with caring, compassionate aid. With over 100 chapters across the country, we work hard to allow those families in crisis to stay together and come back together stronger than ever in every community.

Get involved

When celebrating freedom this Saturday, we also celebrate the freedom we have to continue to serve those in need in every community.

With many ways to get involved, we encourage you to choose the best options for you. We could not do this work without our volunteers and donors, and we are forever grateful for both. With each new volunteer added to the family, we rejoice in the expansion of aid throughout the United States. Deciding to use your freedoms to change a vulnerable family’s life is something worth celebrating each day, and we continue to celebrate with you.