More Than Guests…

“I like it when we meet they become part of our family, mama.”

Our oldest child told me this in sincerity as we discussed our family becoming a Host Family. You can see in her smile that she means it.

Our family has had the privilege of regularly hosting since moving to Cleveland. We’ve welcomed little ones from six month old to adolescents at almost eighteen. We recall many, many sweet times around the table sharing meals and dancing in the kitchen. We remember fondly each child and adolescent that for a short time shared the walls of protection that God has gifted us in our house. But more than that, we remember fondly the place they were given as a part of our family that is unchanging regardless of the “roof” we share.

In this beauty there is pain. There have been challenges that have brought tears. How can we expect this not to be true when we ask God to see how he sees, to love how he loves? It seems as we expand the circle of our family and allow our hearts to be tender toward new friends, God helps us to loosen the tight grasp for which we hold onto those things that are less than Jesus.

How wonderful that God delights in us coming to Him — to his divine hospitality. How wonderful that he desires that we are children who come into his house with the full rights and privileges of sons and daughters. For those who trust in Jesus, we are not mere guests in the house of our Lord.

We are changing and growing as he reveals his heart more clearly to us– we are hoping that he will continue to allow us the privilege of loving families who are lonely.

– Alana Dennis, Host Mom, Cleveland


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