Hearts With More Room

We had been foster parents for 30 years and gave up our license only because the agencies were still asking us to adopt when we knew our adopting days were past. By this time, we had already adopted 7! It was just so hard to say “no” when a social worker asked us to keep a child as part of our ‘forever family.’

The gift of 15 grandchildren made us think they’d fill our hearts enough that foster care wouldn’t be missed. We were wrong! ;P We missed feeling the warmth of caring for little ones who needed love. We missed feeling like we had more to give.

So we discovered Safe Families. The invitation to join was warm and welcoming. A faith-based family of support for moms or dads who needed some help sounded wonderful.

We have had the privilege of hosting for the past few years. The fact that it is completely volunteer based warms my heart. Interacting and becoming a part of the lives of the children and parents for a short while, or even long after a hosting is done, is a way that feels right. We are all asked to care for little ones and any love we give somehow always returns to us hundredfold.

I must mention when we began this adventure with Safe Families my husband had just retired. What an opportunity to do ‘small things with great love” (as Mother Teresa advised) even when our busy young adult lives was over.

So we thank Safe Families for giving us this opportunity.

– Wendy and Bill Sikora, loving host parents


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