Growing Our Own Children

We started safe families last February and since then we have hosted five kids. Having kids of our own we
weren’t exactly sure how this would all go but now that it’s been a year we can’t believe how many
blessings we have been able to experience as a family. God not only use this experience to grow us but
more importantly has been using it to grow our children. Not a week goes by that one of them doesn’t
mention one of the kids we got to show God’s love to. It’s been great to invite our families and church
family to come along side if ever a need arises and it’s no surprise that each of these needs has been met
from monetary to material to child care and most importantly we feel covered in prayers. This was a
HUGE step of faith to begin working with Safe Families and it has been and continues to be an amazing

– Chris & Jodi Ehlen, Host Family


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