An Enduring Relationship, part 2

This is second and final part of a story of an enduring relationship that has lasted seven years! Be sure to read the host mom’s account too.


My Mom Was in Crisis. I Needed Safety.

Hello my name is Chris. I am a first-generation Asian American. I moved into this country when I was eight years old. I was a raise by a single mother who loved me with all her heart. But she lacked maturity and wisdom to raise a child. She did the best she could, but she had trouble with financial due to her immaturity. Thus she worked many odd jobs to make means end. Eventually, she lost the motivation to work and not pay the rent.

She had many bad habits of irresponsibility, that led to our homelessness. Thus, she lost all power to feed, raise, and shelter me. In the views of God’s mercy, I did many prayers for help and guidance. I prayed for money and a job for my mother. God answered my prayer and gave me a blessing that I could never imagined. First, He led Safe Families for Children to intervene and pluck me out of poverty. He made sure I did not enter a foster care group for trouble teens. God had his hand on me and led me to a family to welcome me with open arms.

I was escorted and put into temporary home with one of the case workers, I was there for two months before my sophomore year started. Around tenth grade, I learned a family was willing to take me in until my mom can get back on her feet. The family was called by God take lost children after they watched the movie “The Blind Side”. Little did I know, God was orchestrating something bigger than I can imagine. You see, a child needs a father and a mother. A father to protect and guide. A mother to be humble and offer wisdom. I grew up without guidance or wisdom,  and lacked discipline. This new family had security, comfort, love, discipline, protection and they were believers who feared God.

God provided me a home where my faith can thrive and functional family that was willing to raise me. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have to worry. I could be a child again and not worry about responsibility of an adult, due to my immature mother. God blessed me with a functional family and plucked me out of poverty. He kept me out of the foster care program, where abuse was common. This could have not been possible without Safe Families.

– Chris, proudly serving in the U.S. Marine Corps


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