One Brave Mama

It has been 2 weeks since we opened our home to a family in need of support. It has come with its own set of challenges and frustrations…but lots of joy. The challenges are mostly on my part because I am a weak and stubborn sinner. Joys come when I look to Jesus for strength and grace instead of relying on myself.

A couple days ago, we saw some deer in our backyard trying to pass by a family of geese with little goslings by their side. The deer tried to figure out how to get around the snapping and hissing protective fowl parents. A couple of the deer charged as fast as they could around them and almost fell in the water! One was too frightened so she went all the way around the pond to avoid the fierce mom and dad. It made me think of how much we love our own children and how we would do anything for them.

This mama we are supporting loves her children so very much but is in a tough spot and needs some help. I personally can’t imagine the desperation and humbleness she must be experiencing to say to a complete stranger, take my child for me and care for them would you?

I told her she was brave.
I told her she was strong.
She said she didn’t feel it but I assured her she was.
I promised I would love and care for her sweet one like my own.

It’s not weak to ask for help. It takes a heck of a lot of faith and trust to hand your beloved child over to a family you don’t know.

It’s hard and it’s sacrifice on so many levels. But isn’t that what my Savior did for me? He sacrificed His life for me so I could be His. He loved me so much to be willing to die for me.

The conviction is strong for this call for our family. And I know that even with the sacrifice our whole family is making, we are doing what God commanded. Love the ‘unloved’. Care for the widows and children. Living out the Gospel and showing God’s kindness and love for them through our actions, hopefully. And we get to the reap the blessings as well. We get to experience how much our Father loves us just by loving another. Tangible gospel living in our daily, normal lives. What gifts to us and to our children! But most importantly praying that God uses us as the light through which He will shine love and grace and mercy upon this family that so needs it. That is the ultimate goal.

When I am overwhelmed, I am reminded of “My grace is sufficient for you” and I know His  sovereign plan is ever sure and purposeful for me. My prayer is that I would respond, “Yes, it is sufficient”, and keep walking in the faith that He has called me to.

by April Gregga, Host Parent


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