Nurturing a Newborn

We had been serving with Safe Families for a couple of years but were on a short respite as I had just found out my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We took a call anyway…Mom had just given birth and we were the perfect match for her little one. I said a scared yes and showed up, not feeling like I had it together enough for a family in crisis. But God was so faithful! We walked into the hospital room and there was instant peace. God allowed us to rally around this scared Mommy and her new baby. And God gave us all of the strength and courage we would need to serve them well.

A Mom, who very much wanted to parent, was afraid she would have to place her baby for adoption because she wasn’t ready in that moment. Because of Safe Families, she got to say ‘yes’ to parenthood. Because of Safe Families, she didn’t have to feel pressure to sign her rights away. Because of Safe Families, she was able to work hard and focus and then bring her baby home to a secure, safe environment. Because of Safe Families, she will always have people in her corner. I will never forget the way pouring into that sweet baby helped my heart heal. I will never forget watching that Mommy grow right alongside her daughter. What a privilege to do this work.

by Jesika Knight, a Safe Families for Children host mom


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