No Hesitations

My wife never ceases to amaze me.  Each time God puts an opportunity (or challenge!) before us, she says “yes.”  While I’m mulling over the impact and considering the inconvenience, her heart is already “all in.”  Peggy’s like Isaiah (Isa 6:8) when God rhetorically asks, “Whom shall I send?” — with emphasis, Peg answers, “Send me!”

Over the last few days, I’ve watched with amazement as Peggy has continued to lavish love onto a stranger’s son.  Despite averaging  a couple of hours sleep over the few nights, her energy hasn’t waned.  When I asked last night whether she had any second thoughts, the question seemed foreign to her.  Her greatest concern is loving Skyler too much and becoming overly attached.

I’m blessed with a wife and “helper” who teaches me daily about love and sacrifice.  The joyful chaos that is our home, at the moment, seems just right.  Peg has taught me to abandon order and control — which allows us to keep our eyes and hearts on our Lord, whom we’re honored to serve.

by Rick & Peggy Lin, host parents
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