Caring for 1 While Caring for 3

How do you care for 3 when 1 is in the hospital? A testimonial from a mother who needed help in her time of need. 

As a single mother of 3, I was in a tight spot. My youngest daughter was in need of medical testing for a week at the children’s hospital for the seizures she was having. Naturally, I wanted to be with my girl during this important time. But I needed someone to watch my two teenagers. I would have reached out to my family but some of them didn’t have space. And the ones who did have space had a criminal history. I didn’t feel comfortable having my oldest son and daughter in that environment.

Thankfully, I was able to reach out to Safe Families and they were able to help me out. My kids were placed two single women, Michelle and Amy, who host kids from time to time. And they loved it there. I had such peace of mind knowing that my kids were in a safe place while I was attending to my youngest in the hospital. Michelle and Amy even brought them to see us at the hospital.

After the hosting, I’ve kept in contact with Michelle and Amy. And Amy even attended my oldest daughter’s basketball game! Safe Families was a blessing and a lifesaver. My youngest was able to get the treatment she needed while my other two kids were well taken care of.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.


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