Loving on Babies

By Davona C., Host Mom

Our family has fostered newborns on two continents in four countries. We’ve cared for children in Florida and Maryland as well as Malawi, Tanzania, and Burundi in Africa. When we returned to the States after 24 years overseas, I still wanted to be involved with little ones. I called all the foster care agencies in my area but this required the ability to take in sibling groups. Unfortunately, our house was too small. However, about two years after settling here in Chattanooga, our local Bethany Christian Services office contacted me about Safe Families for Children. This was our chance to care for children again and we immediately signed up!

Thus far we’ve hosted four children. One placement lasted for 8 months–a beautiful 3 month old preemie. During this hosting, our family’s eyes were opened to the plight of the homeless in the area. We gained a newfound compassion for those in that situation. We really enjoy getting to help these children in need. Our only wish is that we could host even more kids! Safe Families for Children has been a blessing to our family!


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