When Davin Shook With Fear…

From Joyce Moffitt, Host Family and our Chicago chapter director:

Not too long ago my husband and I hosted a little 6 year old boy named DavinDavin was being hosted because his mother was fleeing a domestic violence situation. Having him in our home reminded me how even the small interactions we have with the children can have potential lasting impact.

From the moment Davin met my husband it was all about Mr. Mike – “Where is Mr. Mike? Can we call Mr. Mike on the phone? What is Mr. Mike eating for supper?” Davin seemed to crave interactions with a male role model. Fast forward to a quick grocery shopping trip Davin and I made. We were back home and I was unloading the groceries into the refrigerator. Davin was sitting at the kitchen table and the Mr. Mike questions started up again – “When will Mr. Mike be home?” And at that moment a very large container of yogurt, which I was unloading from a grocery bag, slipped from my hand and went crashing to the floor! The yogurt container broke open, and the contents splattered across the floor, up the cabinets, and onto my clothes. It was a big mess!

Davin, who had big brown eyes that lit up when he talked, asked again, “When is Mr. Mike coming home?” However this time his eyes were wide open and his voice sounded very nervous. At that same time, we heard the garage door open. I looked over at Davin and he was now visibly shaking. (Remember I said Davin’s mom was fleeing a domestic violence situation). Davin in his head was likely living the nightmare he thought would enfold.

There was no time for a discussion but thankfully my husband came in the door and with a tone of humor in his voice said, “Wow, looks like we have a big mess to clean up!” As my husband knelt down beside me and joined me in cleaning up the mess, I caught Davin out of the corner of my eye, he had stopped shaking and his big brown eyes lit up again and the Mr. Mike questions started again. Later that night I thought about how a little interaction like this might impact this little boy who has already witnessed so much in his short 6 years of life.

It was a great reminder to me to never underestimate the power of the small interactions we can have with the children we come in contact with as a result of Safe Families.

…let your light shine before others, so that they may see
your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
” – Matthew 5:13-16