4 Kids. 3 Churches. 2 Chronic Illnesses.

A single divorced mom of 4 was in crisis. Due to 2 chronic illnesses, she was in desperate need of more intensive medical treatment before she became any sicker.

Several times a year, she would end up in the ER and friends would help care for her kids. Her doctors recommended that she undergo an experimental treatment. But she kept putting it off due to the unknown time treatment period of 2 – 6 months. She knew her friends wouldn’t be able to help care for her children for that extended period of time and unfortunately, she couldn’t rely on the children’s father due to turmoil between them.

And that’s where the Safe Families community stepped in!

Through the combined help of 3 churches, she was able to receive help with meals, transportation and her children were hosted and cared for. Mom was able to get the treatment she needed and became healthy enough to come back home to her kids. And their father even got involved and took the kids every weekend. The host family developed such a great relationship with both parents that everyone attended the host family’s daughter’s birthday party!

With continued support, mom was able to attend and complete beauty school. And during that time she met a wonderful Christian man whom she married a year later. This is all because she received biblical hospitality from ‘strangers’ and had a safe place for all her kids to go so she could heal.

This is just one story that illustrates what biblical hospitality looks like. It’s stories like these that exemplify why we do what we do. Be encouraged that your work is not in vain.

Families are restored, children are loved and hearts are transformed!

You to can be a part of showing love. Get Involved today!