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Safe Families for Children is a family preservation movement motivated by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion to keep children safe and families together facing crisis. We bring church and community together mobilizing an army of volunteers to advocate for vulnerable children and socially isolated families. Our goal is to grow a national movement of one million change agents passionate about protecting children and preserving families for strong and resilient communities.

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The Practice of Disruptive Generosity

We believe there are three core values that are important for all of us at Safe Families to live out.  Radical hospitality is the idea we love strangers by opening our lives and by inviting them into our homes to live and fellowship with us. By caring for children in our homes and supporting parents, we can prevent child abuse and the need for foster care. We have seen reductions in the number of children entering foster care because of our efforts. We call it radical hospitality because the idea of caring for a vulnerable child without being paid or adopting them, is quite unusual and sets us apart from others.

The second core value, disruptive generosity is complex. We know that generosity means the sharing of one’s possessions (our home, our car, our funds, etc.) with those in need. Nevertheless, the Bible clearly teaches that God is the only true owner of everything.

Safe Families For Children serves families who lack social networks and live in isolation without support of family and friends dealing with crises such as homelessness, unemployment, child abuse, domestic violence, medical emergencies and alcohol/drug rehabilitation.

Safe Families for Children helps provide radical hospitality to families in crisis.

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