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Request a Host Family

Do you feel overwhelmed and struggle to meet the needs of your children? Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) is here to help you. We are a network of families who volunteer to care for your children for as long as you need. Request a Host Family or get answers to questions you may have before contacting us. Learn more.

Request a Family Friend or Mentor

Many parents need help and support but don’t need their children to stay with a Host Family. Our Family Coaches can provide you with support and guidance, such as helping you to find work or secure an apartment. Please call or e-mail us, and we will contact you soon. Learn more.

Refer a Family in Need

If you know of a child or family who would benefit from the Safe Families for Children program, we are eager to partner with you. Learn more.

What You Need to Know

Parents who request the help of a Host Family from Safe Families often have questions. We have answered some common ones here and encourage you to contact your local chapter with any questions you may have. Learn more.
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