He Can Breathe Again!

There’s an old African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” For many people their “village” is family, friends, church community, coworkers, and more! This village has a way of encouraging, entertaining, and just looking out for us and our families. When it comes to raising kids, the more eyes the better. Many of the families our volunteers encounter lack a village as they take on the hardest job in the world.

One of the beauties of the caring, compassionate community Safe Families for Children provides is there are more people looking out for the well-being of children in our communities. A secondary benefit of hosting children is spotting potential medical, educational, or developmental issues. How many of us have had a friend or family member notice something amiss with one of our kids? It’s those times when the village helps us when we miss something.

If you talk to host families across the country you will find instances of discovering a child’s asthma, a speech delay, or poor vision. And the earlier these issues are spotted the better outcome for the child! How powerful is that? We can play a part in connecting families with the necessary resources to help their family reach its full potential. You too can be a part of that village. Learn more about how you can play an important part in helping raise happy, healthy kids!

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