Providing a Safe Haven: The Tuck Family

Missy and Zac Tuck, along with their three children, learned about Safe Families for Children through their church, Blue Ridge Community Church. Not only did the Tucks jump on board as a host family, but they have graciously served as a host family for three separate children in stressful situations.

“We love being a host family,” said Missy Tuck. “We have experienced miracles and great joy in each of our three hostings. Last week we received a wonderful card from the mother of an infant we hosted for 43 days. The card was addressed to Mom and Dad!”

“We see SFFC as a totally different way of taking care of children in need. While foster care can be threatening and adoption final, SFFC is relationship based. When a parent has a bump in the road, there is a safe place to go for help. SFFC allows the parents to be surrounded by a community of followers, who are there to support and encourage them.”

When asked what problems she saw with the SFFC program, Missy continued, “The only problem we see is that not enough people know about the program. SFFC gives Lynchburg area families the opportunity to be involved in meaningful local missions, something I feel we all should strive to do.”

“When you have allowed God to work through you, you are blessed to be part of the story of a family being reunited through SFFC,” said Zac Tuck. “Caring for vulnerable youth has given us the opportunity to love in grace and to establish long-term relationships with both the child and their caretakers. It takes true courage and humility on both parts. A parent must be willing to surrender their child to another family in order to heal past the point of crisis. We must be willing to allow God to work through and in us to develop a true relationship with those we host and their families. I cannot begin to tell you the joy that has come from helping the children and parents that we have served.”

“Words cannot describe how grateful I was to have a place to go for Christmas,” said Alicia. “I live at the Miller Home and had nowhere to go during the Christmas break. Not only did the Tucks welcome me into their warm and wonderful family home at Christmas, they have invited me back for weekends. In fact, I am going home with the this weekend. WOW, I am loved!”

Missy and Zac Tuck serve in Virginia through Patrick Henry Family Services, a partner of Safe Families for Children


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