Make a Difference

By joining Safe Families for Children (Safe Families), your church can provide its members with opportunities to grow spiritually, show compassion, and change society for the better. Together, Safe Families Churches profoundly affect and help our communities by

  • mentoring Safe Families volunteers. Provide support, education, and guidance to families hosting children in their homes.
  • recruiting Safe Families volunteers. Show a promotional DVD during services, host informational tables, or place ads in newsletters, bulletins, or on websites.
  • hosting monthly or quarterly support groups. Provide opportunities for Safe Families volunteers to meet together and build a support network and sense of community.
  • identifying support services. Find physicians, mental health professionals, attorneys, social workers, or nurses who can provide specialized support services to those caring for children. If needed, seek out volunteers to babysit or provide respite care, and provide transportation for Safe Families Host Families.
  • donating resources. Help others donate items for children placed with Host Families, including diapers, baby formula, car seats, clothing, and blankets. Most children staying with a Safe Families Host Family come with very few supplies and personal possessions.

Safe Families believes that compassion drives people to get involved, but change keeps them involved. Please join us in changing the lives of families in crisis by building caring relationships and sharing our faith.
Join Safe Families