Helping Homeless Veterans and Their Children

Veteran Sean Tait (June 29 article) managed to find piecemeal housing for his children during his time of need and, thankfully, he is no longer homeless.

If he had known about Safe Families for Children, it might have been a better option for him. About two years ago, this faith-based program was launched in the Valley with the mission to support families in a temporary crisis, like Sean’s.

Churches sign on, their volunteers are trained by Safe Families social workers, and they rally around the family in crisis. The children are housed anywhere from a night to a year, while the parent(s) are given time to find jobs, recover from an illness, etc.

The family in crisis does not lose control of their children and are voluntarily handing their children over to a family who is willing to care for them, without compensation. At the same time, the church is demonstrating biblical hospitality. To learn more about this movement of compassion go to